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Golden Age Canola

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What happens at harvest can make or break the value of a canola crop, and have knock-on effects across your whole program. By making canola much less vulnerable to pod shatter, the new PodGuard® trait technology gives you much more flexibility at harvest and ensures you receive the crop's full yield potential.

1. Take the timing pressure off at harvest

Don’t let the risk of shattering – or hot, windy weather – dictate your priorities at harvest. PodGuard® canola gives you the flexibility to harvest other paddocks first.

2. Eliminate windrowing guesswork

Until now, deciding when to windrow was always a debate about risk versus return. PodGuard® canola allows you to gain valuable extra yield by windrowing later or simply direct-heading.

3. Cut the cost of harvesting

PodGuard® allows you to eliminate windrowing costs and reduce the risk of lost seed through mechanical shattering.

4. Profit from the crop's full potential

For safety’s sake, most growers harvest canola before it has reached its full potential. You can leave a PodGuard® crop standing until even the hollows are mature.

5. Protect yourself against extreme weather

This video – taken after a storm hit a trial at Meckering last year – shows just how much protection against shattering and potential loss of yield PodGuard® can provide.

6. Save on volunteer canola control

Spilled seed doesn’t just mean lost yield. It also means using knockdowns and in-crop sprays the next season, and the risk of a green bridge for pests and disease.